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Business Development Agent

Business Development Agent

This particular program is addressed to people that want to participate in the world of technology in order to build a professional space to obtain rewards and recognition.

A Business Development Agent is a person  who generates opportunities, administrate local contacts that could become potential businesses and receive commissions connected to the results obtained.

Between the activities that a BDA will develop will be:

-Search for potential customers to promote the solutions created by the startups

-Contact potential Partners (Bridge, Institutional) or other BDAs

-Search for new projects and interesting initiatives to futher develop

The Business Development Agent will communicate with the local representative office of Thinking on Demand Group. In the event that a local office is not located in your country, then the BDA will communicate with our regional main office.

For more information regarding the activities, commissions and partnership agreements, please fill out our generic form and our program representative will contact you asap.