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The Future of Business

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The Future of Business

What do you think regarding the future of business?

Is the current concentration of brands and knowledge allowing just a few “players” to be present in the market? We disagree, these “giants” need to balance every new company acquisition inside their organizations and this means avoiding to duplicate costs and redundancies (including human resources… unfortunately), the future is a network where small business will work together with big enterprises building an active collaboration, every business unit will grow and will have the opportunity to have presence in the market, no more acquisitions from big companies,  just collaboration and respect for each company identity.

Worldwide customers need clarity since the global offer is huge and sometimes a world-class software is not the answer… we believe in hybrid models where more solutions could integrate each other but always following the real customer needs. Customers have the priority and we have to pay attention to their needs (not just pushing the solution we need to sell!). These principles are the base of the future of business: transparency, collaboration and ethics, our network and us are ready to apply these concepts to the new business initiatives and to create real social improvements.