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The Bridge Programs

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The Bridge Programs

We created a new program which name is “Bridge” just to make the mission clear: building a real bridge between startups and young entrepreneurs and the market.

It’s simple: we are recruiting different companies (without costs and obligations) to present our startup candidates in order to:

  • help Bridge Partners to solve their critical problems
  • help to improve their processes 
  • improving their products and services

Thousands of startups are ready to offer innovation and great solutions but sometimes they need help to make the first step, we tried this model in different Countries and the final result was excellent since startups are growing and companies which are collaborating as sponsors using these solutions are happy to save money and solve problems in an innovative way.

But “The Bridge Program” is not just a “launch pad” to go fast on the market, it  is also a meeting point where other incubators  contribute with their programs or Technical Business Companies  integrate startup’s technology in their projects, so we want to consider this initiative the key of the development of our business models.