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Desert Farming Program

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Desert Farming Program

The “Desert Farming” Business Program

Our wish is to clone the success of Silicon Valley in other areas worldwide which main need is to grow their local economy and even their population.

We started an innovative initiative called “Desert Farming” Business Program to help distant or isolated places, communities or small towns in different ways such as remote enablement with experts, common business initiatives to push the local economy, trainings for young people and free digital business platforms and marketing initiatives to develop their own business from that place.

We need just few requirements to start a local collaboration:

  • a place where meetings and video conferences can be held to create a local “war-room”
  • a local Internet connection
  • one computer connected to Internet

We will start together (slowly) to explore the best way to collaborate, then when we can create a local permanent group of people following a common program, we will move to the next steps with local visits and adding more value directed to the community’s initiatives.

Contact us in order to know about our program at dfb(@)thinkingindemand.com.