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Business Model

ToD offers an unlimited number of business models while global innovation is not only represented by technology and processes, but also in  the construction of offers that benefit everyone.

Our goal is to align the technical need with the budget of each company. In many cases, our proposals point to investments "tied" to ROI, in other situations we evaluate models that allow the client to certify the expected result before completing the transaction. The target is always the same: find disruptive and sustainable ways to offer the best of innovation worldwide.

Thanks to the fact that most of our applications are in the cloud, our clients do not need to invest in fixed costs, but benefit from our "On demand" model, paying only for their need, without being anchored to contracts that only benefit the supplier.

ToD has as its fundamental mission the establishment of long-term "win-win" relationships, making sure that our customers stay in their comfort zone receiving the best available technologies worldwide that allow them to exceed the planned business expectations.